FCS Group focusing predominantly on industries related to Aviation, Oil, Gas & Energy, Power Generation, Mining & Metals, Rail projects and Port projects.

We offer our clients a seamless portfolio of support services from the initial planning and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start up.

FCS Group projects are generally managed as follows:

  • Create a mutually acceptable project team designed to most effectively handle a clients requirements; including an international team if required

  • Undertake feasibility and engineering studies for heavy-lift, over-dimensional and/or critical items for the project. Drawing upon the in-house knowledge of the Transport Engineering Department (T.E.D.)

  • Perform route surveys to ensure that the best concepts for the project as they relate to cost, performance and safety, are proposed, implemented and realized

  • Perform risk assessments to ensure that all planned (and unplanned) factors are considered and potential risks are identified

  • Design and present an operational chart outlining all necessary steps and work flow

  • Create Method Statements for the intended operations

  • Ensure operational excellence during the execution of the project

  • Perform periodic management review of all operations throughout the life of a project, and take corrective action, if and when required

  • Perform end of project review, take stock inventory of KPIs so that FCS Group can identify and implement any necessary improvements, if and when required

At all times, FCS Groups Logistics process is activated to make sure that the job is not simply done, but done safely, efficiently and as per legal requirements.